Dr Fiona H Spencer
Registered Psychologist

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These therapy cards consist of photos within the theme of NURTURE.

The NURTURE THERAPY CARDS set consists of 10 picutre cards.

The cards are photgraphs taken in Australia.

The photographs have been especially chosen to cover positive and negative aspects that may be chosen by a client to discuss in terms of their life. For example the family of Swans may be chosen if a person is feeling content with their family, wheras the fireworks may show that the client feels explosive.

These photographs have previously been used in the therapeutic setting.

How to use the cards - Clients are presented with the cards and asked to choose one that they are 'drawn to' or that they 'feel something toward'. The therapist then discusses with the client about the card in terms of why they chose that card and the feelings they have. Further dicsussion may develop from there.

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