Dr Fiona H Spencer
Registered Psychologist

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Dr Fiona H Spencer has developed the ‘ Social Skills Work ’ DVD that she utilises in therapy. 

This set of three short videos is developed for use by therapists.

Voices in the videos have Australian accents and revolve around two kids – a sister (Emma) and a brother (Zane).

The DVD consists of a range of social situations in white board animation format.

Each topic includes an example of an inappropriate social response followed by a ‘pause and discuss’ section where the therapist can talk with their client about appropriate responses utilising their preferred theoretical approach/es. Then an appropriate social response is shown.

The three videos include the following topics:

• Angry Response, Acknowledging Others

• Laughing Response, Facial Expression, Tone of Voice

• Responding to Criticism and Frustration

The frustration topic incorporates a PDF of strategies. This can be printed out and clients add their own strategies to the sheet.

(AUS$39.95 including GST and postage in Australia only)

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